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The Asia-Pacific International Workshop on Industrial Ecology will be held for two days and include four sessions of intensive discussions focused on the development of theories and practical applications of industrial ecology affecting the Asia-Pacific Region.
The sessions will feature speeches and panel discussions presented by eminent researchers, practitioners, and experts in the field of industrial ecology. The following topics will be focused on:

  • Macroscopic analytical frameworks and methodologies of industrial ecology such as national scale material flow analysis, energy flow analysis, and environmental accounting systems.
  • Socio-economic analysis and policy applications of industrial ecology such as circular economy policies, environmental governance and spatial ecology.
  • Industrial symbiosis and local application and practices such as eco industrial parks, and eco and low carbon cities.

This meeting is the first regional meeting organized for the International Society for Industrial Ecology. Further meetings are planned for the future. This meeting is scheduled to be held immediately prior to the 8th International Conference on EcoBalance, which will be held in Tokyo from December 10th to 12th.